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VR NN / VHWA Ballast wagons Pack -06

$320.00 inc GST

IDR NN -06

The VR NN Ballast hopper wagons where constructed at Newport workshops in 1950/51. In all 100 where constructed.

The NN wagons had their capacity increased in the 1960’s by adding extensions to the wagon sides and bracing to the hopper ends.

IDR Models NN wagons are of the increased capacity wagons. These wagon where in service from the mid 1960’s to the 1990’s, with some still in use with preserved railways.

They could be seen all over the Victorian railways network on both board and standard gauge lines.

Pack NN – 06 Contains

VHWA-118 and VHWA-123 fitted with 30 ton cast bogies. NN-125 and VHWA-97  fitted with 40 ton roller bearing bogies.

Model Features

Ready to Run
Kadee 158 scale head couplers
Semi Scale 10.5mm blackened metal wheels
Internal Body details
Full Brake rigging and under floor detail
Fully painted and decorated

$320.00 inc GST