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IDR Models W-5 W 261. DC Model.

$320.00 inc GST

IDR Models W-5 W 258.

Standard DC Model.

Original Body.

Sound model fitted with ESU Loksound V5 21 pin Decoder.

Non sound DCC model fitted with ESU Lokpilot V4.

All DC Models are equipped with speaker and stay alive. For easy conversion To DCC.

Built in stay alive feature for faultless low speed performance.

Model Features:

  • Ready to Run.
  • Blackened metal wheels
  • Plastic (ABS) Body.
  • Heavy metal chassis.
  • Brass Flywheel.
  • Factory painted and Decorated.
  • Separately applied metal parts.
  • Sound fitted ESU Loksound V5.
  • Operating headlights and marker lights.
  • All wheel drive and pickup.
  • 21 pin decoder socket.
  • Built in stay alive.

$320.00 inc GST