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$465.00 inc GST

Model Features; Cast Frame power bogie with disc wheels, Single piece drivers windows, Double brake cylinder arrangement, Strengthening section under the engine compartment, Three chime horns roof mounted and Plate cowcatcher.

As Running in today in preservation.

Available in single Pack, Pack 15 containing one RM 58.

The DERM have the following features;

  • DCC and sound ready. Fitted with ESU V5 Decoder
  • Built in Stay alive, with programming switch
  • Directional lighting, controllable headlights and marker in DCC mode
  • interior lighting in DERM
  • Kadee couplers
  • Standard with an MTC 21 pin motherboard fitted to all DERM’s
  • 5-Pole skew wound electric motor and dual flywheels
  • Available sound fitted or DC

$465.00 inc GST